With me you get pictures, ads and a logo in one. No File shifting. No running from one creator to the other. I do it all in once.

Designs like ads or logos are meant to be an extension of you and your business. They reflect your image, your achievement and they are designed to keep you on top of everyone’s mind.

I started designing in 2018, after I graduated from an art/design school. I really enjoy combining what I learned there with horses and my photography.


For ads I need two to three pictures of you and/or your horse. I usually prepare a few options for you and you decide which design direction you prefer. After this decision, I again work on some suggestions to create the ad of your dreams!

The final result, is a product of my creativity combined a touch of your personal preferences. If you are also interested in booking a shooting, we can combine that with an ad. During our session we will keep the ad in mind and create magic.


In a logo, we make sure we bring out what you do and what you have to offer to the world. All I need for a Logo, is your aim and your trust and we make a design for you that reflects your message.

Similar to ads, I create some options, from which you can choose one design pattern and we work on it together. During the process we make sure that your vision comes to life. I always make sure to bring in the ideas and opinions of my customers, to make it reflect them the best.