A look into our horses eyes. A touch on their soft muzzles. A glance. A ride. A walk. A dance. The special bond and love you share with the animal that never said a word to you.

That’s exactly what I always wanted to show in my pictures. I experienced it first hand with my two lovely sorrel mares. After one of them died in 2019, I felt this hole in my heart and I was so thankful for all the pictures I took of her in her lifetime so I have lasting memories.

My other horse Patty has the most beautiful and pure soul. I imported her from the states in 2017, to be my show horse. These two very different horses give me both perspectives, love for the animal as well as for the sport. I love my horse for who she is, but I also love to train, ride and follow our path in the sport.

I aim to capture the relationship between the sport and the bond for my customers as well.

Watch the video to find out more about my purpose and to get a little insight in a possible shooting day with me.